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Proposal submission deadline: June 10, 2013   June 17, 2013  June 21, 2013

Notification of Acceptance of Proposals: July 01, 2013  July 05, 2013 July 22, 2013

Manuscript submission deadline: September 09, 2013 September 16, 2013



The Short Courses represent one of the main technical activities during the SBSeg.

Their goal is twofold: to treat of a range of hot topics that are not usually covered in undergraduate curricula, and to arouse the interest of academics and professionals in information and system security. We invite to submit proposals for Short Courses covering recent topics, which have a great potential to attract the interest of students and professionals that are seeking to improve their skills. Each short course should be structured for a total of three and a half hours, and include laboratory practice.



The central theme of the Short Courses is the security of computing and information systems. A non-exhaustive list of topics of interest includes:


- Access control, authentication and identity management

- Adaptive security

- Anonymity and privacy

- Attack and vulnerability prevention

- Biometric systems and techniques

- Cloud computing security

- Computational forensics and criminalistics

- Constrained hardware security: RFID tags, smart cards, wireless sensors

- Cryptographic algorithms and protocols

- Cryptographic hardware

- Database privacy and security

- Digital law

- Electronic voting

- Fault and intrusion tolerance

- Grid computing security

- Intellectual property protection and DRM

- Intrusion detection and prevention

- Middleware security ((Java RMI, J2EE, CorbaSec, .Net, etc)

- Network security: superposition networks, virtual networks, wireless networks

- Security incident response

- Security in mobile and embedded systems

- Security in ubiquitous and pervasive computing

- Security of applications (Digital TV, E-banking, etc)

- Security of smart grids, smart meters and smart houses

- Security and privacy in social networks

- Security of web services, distributed systems and operating systems

- Security policies, standards and norms

- Smart card security

- Software security: development, tests and certification

- System audit and analysis

- Trust management and models



Please include the following in the proposal:


1. ProposalĀ“s Identification - Title of the course, author(s), affiliation(s), and presenting author.


2. General information - goals of the course; type of course (e.g., theoretical, practical, informational, etc), and audience profiles.


3. Text Organization Structure (a preview of the sections that will be included in the manuscript).


4. A summary of the content that will be included in each section (see item 3 above). The number of expected pages in the manuscript for each section should be highlighted.


5. The main references that will be used as a base to prepair the manuscript.


6. A short CV of each author (no longer than 1 page per author).


Proposals should be submitted in a PDF file for review via JEMS ( All proposals should be written in Portuguese with a minimum length of three printed pages, and a maximum length of five printed pages, excluding the CVs.



Each submitted proposal will be evaluated by the Steering Committee according to the following criteria:


1) Relevance and timeliness of the theme;


2) Quality of the proposal; and


3) the expertise of the authors in the theme. The four best different proposals will be accepted for presentation and publication as a book chapter.



Authors of accepted proposals should prepare a manuscript (Book Chapter) in Portuguese with a minimum of 40 printed pages, and a maximum of 50 printed pages. The chapters will be included in the book entitled "Short Courses of SBSeg 2013", which will be available for attendees. A sample template for preparing the book chapter in Latex or Microsoft Word is available at


General Chairs

Eduardo James Pereira Souto, UFAM

Eduardo Luzeiro Feitosa, UFAM


Short Courses Chair

Rossana Maria de Castro Andrade, UFC






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