Accepted Papers


The Extended Abstracts and Full papers accepted for SBSeg 2013 are:


Full papers





SecureTCG: A lightweight cheating-detection protocol for P2P multiplayer online trading card games


Rodrigo Leal (Poli-USP)


ETSSDetector: a tool for automatic detection of vulnerabilities Cross-Site Scripting on web applications


Thiago Rocha (UFAM)
Eduardo Souto (UFAM)
Gilbert Martins(UFAM)

Anatomy of Abuses to SIP Servers

João Ceron (
Klaus Steding-Jessen (
Cristine Hoepers (


Automatic Detection of Vulnerabilities on Secure Code for Canaries


Izabela Maffra (UFMG)
Fernando Quintao Pereira (UFMG)
Leonardo Oliveira (UFMG)

tatic Verification Access Arrangements on C

Henrique Santos (UFMG)
Fernando Quintao Pereira (UFMG)
Leonardo Oliveira (UFMG)


An Intermediate Representation for Detection of Implicit Information Leaks


Bruno Rodrigues Silva (UFMG)
Fernando Quintao Pereira (UFMG)
Leonardo Oliveira (UFMG)


A Semi-Automated Approach to Assess Effectiveness Web Vulnerability Scanner Tools


Tania Basso (UNICAMP)
Regina Moraes (UNICAMP)

Not much, Not So Little: There is a Timeout PIT Great for CCN in the Mitigation of DoS Attacks

F. Guimarães (UFF)
I. Ribeiro (UFF)
Antonio Rocha (IC/UFF)
Célio Vinicius Neves de Albuquerque (UFF)


The state of the art of Brazilian legislation on cyber crime


Danielle Valverde (UFPE)
José Silva (Siqueira)

CCNcheck: a mechanism for mitigating pollution content on Content-Centric Networking

I. Ribeiro (UFF)
F. Guimarães (UFF)
Célio Vinicius Neves de Albuquerque (UFF)
Antonio Rocha (IC/UFF)


Mitigation Flood Attacks for Wireless Mesh Networks on using and Reputation Filtering


Flavio Arieta (UFPR)
Larissa Barabasz (UFPR)
Michele Nogueira (UFPR)


Implementation of Efficient Key Agreement Protocols on Computational Power Devices Restricted


Rafael Will Macedo de Araujo (USP)
Routo Terada (USP) 

Data Model for a Knowledge Base for Monitoring Attacks in Computer Networks

Giani Petri (UFSM)
Raul Ceretta Nunes (UFSM)
Tarcisio Ceolin Junior (UFSM)
Osmar Marchi dos Santos (UFSM)


Authenticated encryption using PUFs


Diego Aranha (UnB)
Amanda Resende (UnB)


Software implementation of the Scheme of Digital Signature Merkle and its variants


Ana Karina Salina de Oliveira (UFMS)
Julio Hernandez (UNICAMP)


Modern fair exchange protocol design: Dealing with complex digital items


Fabio Piva (UNICAMP)
Ricardo Dahab (UNICAMP)

The use of the Haar transform on Anomaly Detection in Web Traffic

Cristian Cappo (UNA - Paraguai)
Bruno Augusti Mozzaquatro (UFSM)
Raul Ceretta Nunes (UFSM)
Alice Kozakevicius (UFSM)
Christian Schaerer (UNA - Paraguai)

A system for analyzing and detecting malicious applications from Android

Vitor Afonso (UNICAMP)
Matheus Amorim (UNICAMP)
Eduardo Ellery (UNICAMP)
André Grégio (CTI)
Glauco Junquera (Samsung)
Guilherme Schick (Samsung)
Ricardo Dahab (UNICAMP)
Paulo de Geus(UNICAMP)

A Functional Model for Identification and Authentication Services Tolerant to Faults and Intrusions

Diego Kreutz (University of Lisbon)
Eduardo Feitosa (UFAM)
Oleksandr Malichevskyy (University of Lisbon)
Kaio Barbosa (UFAM)
Hugo Cunha (UFAM)


Intrusion Detection Using Time Series Analysis with Models ARMAX / GARCH

Igor Forain (IPT SP)
Adilson Guelfi (LSI USP)
Elvis Pontes (IPT SP)
Anderson Silva (IPT SP)


Evaluation Resilient Authorization UCONABC for Cloud Computing


Arlindo L. Marcon Jr. (PUCPR)
Altair Santin (PUCPR)
Maicon Stihler (PUCPR)

A Mechanism for Secure Virtual Network Isolation Using to Hybrid Approach Xen and OpenFlow

Diogo Mattos (UFRJ)
Lyno Ferraz (UFRJ)
Otto Carlos Muniz Bandeira Duarte (UFRJ)


Authentication and Authorization Infrastructure Based on SmartCards with Control Attributes User-Centered

Davi Böger (UFSC)
Luciano Barreto (UFSC)
Joni da Silva Fraga (UFSC)
André Santos (UECE)
Davi Teles França (UECE)


A Reputation System for Assessing Decentralized Trust Nodes in Vehicular Networks


Claudio Fernandes (UNIVALI)
Israel Simas (UNIVALI)
Michelle Wangham (UNIVALI)



Extended abstracts




Uma Nova Abordagem de Distribuição de Chaves Criptográficas para o Framework de Segurança TinySec

 Mario Lemes (UFG)
 Renato Bulcão Neto (UFG)
 Leandro Luis G. Oliveira (PUC    Goiás)
 Roberto Vito Filho (UFG)
 Iwens Sene Jr (UFG)


An Infrastructure Authentication and Authorization for Internet of Things based on SAML and XACML


Marlon Domenech (UNIVALI)
Michelle Wangham (UNIVALI)


An aggregator Mechanism Mediated by the Client Attributes for a System of Federated Identity Management Aligned to the Program


Marcondes Maçaneiro(UNIDAVI)
Michelle Wangham (UNIVALI)


Identity Management in the Web of Things: A Case Study on Electronic Health


Marciel Santos (UNIDAVI)
Marlon Domenech (UNIVALI)
Michelle Wangham (UNIVALI)


An architecture for monitoring and anomaly detection security for cloud computing


Anderson Ferreira (UNICAMP)
Paulo de Geus (UNICAMP)

National market trends: looking for malware in Android applications

Vitor Afonso (UNICAMP)
André Grégio (CTI)
Eduardo Ellery (UNICAMP)
Glauco Junquera (Samsung)
Guilherme Schick (Samsung)
Ricardo Dahab (UNICAMP)
Paulo de Geus (UNICAMP)

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